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INAMI L-0185

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Microscope Type:Greenough Type. Stereoscopiv Microscope
Magnigication Changer:2 steps by changing knob
Stereo angle:13°
Eyepiece:Standard 10x, Option 16x
Magnigication Ratio (Field of View):10x(20.13mm), 16x(16.13mm)
Pupilary Adjustment:52 - 90mm
Focus Distance:100mm
Diopter Adjustment:+8 to -8 diopters
Silt illmination Slit Width:0 - 10mm
aperture Diameter:0.2,1,3,4,6,10mm
Slit Length:0 - 10mm
Slit Rotation:±90°
Filters                Standard:Cobalt blue,Heat absorption,Red-free,1/2 ND,Yellow
Slit Inclination:5° 10° 15° 20°
Light Source:Halogen lamp bulb 12V/50W, (L0160H1)
Max, Intensity(Lux):35,000 Lux
Base Vertical Movement:30mm
Longitudinal Movement:70mm
Chinrest Vertical Movement:75mm
Fixation Target:Tungsten lamp bulb 6.3V 0.14A, (L0150V2)
Input Voltage:AC100,120V,220V,240V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption:65VA
Dimensions:550(W)×400(D)×680(H) mm


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